Making Sure Black Don’t Crack

The black culture is pretty good at looking good. “Black don’t crack” is a mantra we live and die by. We as a people are lucky enough to be blessed with a genetic makeup that keeps many of modern societies afflictions at bay. There is one small problem, though; We have all seen that one person that proves that “black don’t crack” doesn’t apply to everybody. How can you make sure that it applies to you? Learn about your body inside and out!

FYI Houston takes it to the streets and talks with one of Houston’s newest and brightest estheticians in the game to give us some tips on how to make sure that we look our best for years to come.

Kristen Estelle, 31, who grew up in Houston and Austin, TX. She now lives in Houston and is owner off BB Beauty and Esthetics, a health and wellness spa located in Pearland, TX. Here you are offered a getaway from the woes of the day as well as crucial beauty retouches to keep you looking graceful. Services include makeup, facials, full body waxing, and eyelash extensions.

She tells us how she started in the business. First starting with doing makeup for her family members, then attending cosmetology school after being laid off from her job in the medical field.

“When you’re used to getting a paycheck you go through a mindset change and a moment of fear. I had to learn to believe in myself and what I’m doing. I started my career to really take charge of my own success and to be able to do what I love.”

She is a true servicewoman, telling us that she gets the most satisfaction from the improvements her clients see in themselves.

“What I love most about what I do is being able to give people confidence by enhancing and improving their skin’s appearance. I love seeing a person’s demeanor change because of small improvements as a result of my work.”

The young esthetician has seen measurable success since her first official day in business and has big plans for the future.

“I want to be one of the top spas owned by a black woman in Houston and Austin, and eventually, expand nationally.”




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