Majick a*k*a ‘The Rollin’ Stoner is Making Something Out of Nothing

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The Rollin’ Stoner was encouraged to start making music by his uncle at the age of 8. His uncle would

Majick, Entertainer
Majick, Entertainer

write his lyrics and always had the rapper calling himself “Magic. ”His uncle sparked his dreams of being an incredible rapper and today we call him “Majick.” Majick never asked his uncle why he gave him that name but Majick says it means “Making something out of nothing.”

The very distinctive rapper rides his tracks so nice. He changes his flow pattern every time regardless of the beat. In his lyrics, he only speaks of real events that have happened in his life because they are the best. This is what separates him from his competitors. In the next year, he will be one of the top commodities in the entertainment business.

-Tinka Bell Israel

Majick – Crime Pays

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