Mac -Schwazey “I CAME TOO FAR…”

Mac-Schwazey is not one to speak without a story to tell. Inspired by legends like Tupac Shakur and the hip-hop genre itself, he has managed to break on the scene, and he plans to stick around. Mac-Schwazey thrives to become a well-rounded successful black male, who is able to maintain his establishments of music investments, in addition to his current business venture designing materials for his upcoming clothing line with business partner Kesh. (Stay tuned to FYI for further details!) These goals he’s set for himself are all intended to verify he will be able to provide stability to the most important individuals in his life, his mother, girlfriend,  and himself.


The fact that Mac-Schwazey isn’t afraid to show that he is different, and thinks outside the box is what will continue to separate him from other upcoming artist. He’s managed to still be standing strong even when facing economic hardships of being homeless for a short period of time, only making him aware and more strategic with his moves.


Mac-Schwazey just wants to inform the people to watch for the False individuals you may encounter in the music business and industry. Along with the inspiring message to ” Think for Yourself, be your own Person, and Don’t EVER let someone stop you from Thinking that Success is not in your Reach. It’s all up to you If You’re willing to Grasp it!  #SUPPORTTHEMOVEMENTS™


Relle, M.A.

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