KUSHONE GREEN, voted one of ‘America’s Top 50 Artists in Dallas, TX’ on Reverbnation.com

Last time we spoke with the talented artist Kushone Green, he was working on his project In My Slab Ridin Muzik, and putting Dallas, Texas on the map with his music. Currently, the artist is still mastering his craft and building a brand that the city of Dallas will rally behind.

Kushone recently completed his latest single HD,  and is working on mixtapes Triple D Forever and Lighters Up Vol. 1. Kushone is always working somewhere on the scene promoting his brand. The vocalist/lyricist continues to create original music. He has partnered with Universal Distribution, Warner Bros., and FYI Houston whom have helped the artist gain a steady following.

Recently, Kushone Green Jr. was voted “America’s Top 50 Artist in Dallas, Texas” on reverbnation.com. The versatile and captivating realist continues to grow rapidly as an artist. He knows and creates the “muzik” that fans love. Some people may consider Kushone successful, but success for him is entertaining full time with financially stability so he can care for his family and a diamond selling album. He will not stop until he gets there.

-Tinka Bell Israel

Listen to Kushone Green- ‘HD’ HERE

Without music, I would be…probably dead or in jail.
Music is…my muse.
My music makes me feel…Untouchable.
I write these songs because…I did it or survived through it.
Support music because…the world is bigger than your circle.

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