Kokaine Swan of OAK CLIFF, TX

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Hip hop artist Kokaine Swan says there is nothing more to give the world but realness. He is from Dallas “Oak Cliff”, Texas and represents his hood “Kiest & Polk” to the fullest. His music is very lyrical and he describes it as “lifestyle trap music.” This is what makes Kokaine Swan so unique because unlike other artists on the radio, everything he spits he is doing and the hood can vouch for him. “Ain’t too many real rappers. Word play has advanced, but I am going to be the realest rapper on the radio or any track.”


“I am going to be the realest rapper on the radio or on any track.” -Kokaine Swan
“I am going to be the realest rapper on the radio or on any track.” -Kokaine Swan

Kokaine Swan raps, writes his own music, is a ghost writer for other artists, and  promotes. The one thing he enjoys most other than rapping is writing and ghostwriting. This is when he gets the opportunity to express himself. When he is not involved in music, he is spending time with his kids, at the club, or playing basketball. Kokaine Swan’s biggest roadblock in the music industry is he cannot find any other real artists that compare to him. He  will release his next mixtape  in August entitled, Hustler at His Best.This is his first mixtape and the realest mixtape  you will ever hear.  In the future,  Kokaine Swans plans to have a lot of money, a record deal, and  to sign several real youngsters like himself.

-Tinka Bell Israel


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