Kenyada Tatum

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“It’s all about championships and rings,” says Kenyada Tatum

Kenyada Tatum, wide receiver and kickoff return star for the Corpus Christi Fury, personifies a man of strong faith and humble beginnings. He first realized his talent for football at the young age of three, when his uncles would give him dollar bills to do push-ups.

Since then, Tatum has been a star on the football field, gaining recognition each time he plays. On the road, his pre-game playlist consists of Tupac & Jay-Z. He stays fueled by a very balanced diet, which consists of plenty protein, carbs and fruit. His basic workout is a full body workout. “You need every muscle on the field, so train hard and endure pain,” says Tatum.

In the off season, he takes a month off from lifting and jogs or cycles to keep his wind. K. Tatum helps with youth activities in the Third Ward Community, and also takes time to help younger athletes develop and perform better on and off the field. Tatum recognizes his daughter, Kenadey Tatum, as his inspiration, and also gratifies his older brothers for being role models to him as a child. After football, he plans to become a personal trainer, helping others achieve goals, and getting more involved in youth football, attempting to better the next generation.

For teen athletes hoping to step into the professional realm, Tatum advises, “Put your grades first and your talent will take care of itself.” In life, Tatum would like to impact as many people, in a positive way, as possible; but when it comes to his football career, he says, “it’s all about championships and rings.”


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