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Changing the Game All Over

New school rapper KB approaches his music in an incomparable way. Each and every track he does has some kind of inspiration behind it. He has so many distinct flows, whether it is him freestyling or being lyrical, his voice gives the song a totally new vibe. “I feel that I can affect music today by showing that a Caucasian rapper is no different from any other rapper.”

KB Stack Throw
KB Stack Throw

  KB is also a mentor and a promoter. He is a natural born athlete, but ultimately devoted himself to music with or without fans. He wishes all he could do in life is music, but he has so many other responsibilities he has to take a break from it time and time again. Through all of his hard work and devotion, KB is convinced he can get any and everyone to respect his music and change the world’s view of white rappers. In the next 5 to 10 years, he sees himself signed to a major record label. His goal is to change people’s lives with his music and be surrounded by legendary artists.

-Tinka Bell Israel

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