Kal Tourette

Video Swords Of Omen by Kal Tourette

Kal Tourette is from Nairobi, Kenya, but living in Europe and his creative imagination that’s helps him create develop a witty style of delivery and content in his music. The intellectual rapper, Kal Tourette, describes himself as a “geek rapper.” He will put you on some real knowledge using different voice inflections, speeds, cadences, and bar structures.

Kal Tourette’s name was influenced by the video games “Soul Caliber,” but people kept referring to him as 45 caliber, a handgun, so he changed it to Kal like Superman’s birth name which was Kal – El. He added his last name to Tourette based off the syndrome that makes people “spaz out.” Tourette syndrome makes people involuntarily and compulsively use profanity but the irony of the rap artist Kal Tourette is he doesn’t use any profanity in his verses.

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