Jono Jono – The Life EP

Blazing the R&B scene with thrash metal solos, poetic lyrics and smooth vocals. American singer/song-writer/guitarist/producer JonoJono (birthname: Jonathan Harris) was Born in Coral Springs, FL on Feb. 11, 1993. At 13, he got his 1st Fender Strat and immediately started practicing every day while training his vocal abilities in church and at school. Experimenting with the fusion of soulful melodies and aggressive vocals, he fine-tuned the seamless integration of distortion and volume associated with hard rock with the melismatic and synthesizer-heavy sounds associated with R&B. By the year 2017, JonoJono debuted with “Life (feat. Neisha)” on June 6th which combines the essence of R&B/Soul and Hard Rock accented with an intense 80’s thrash inspired guitar solo .

In earlier years, he was generally producing live instrumentals on his pastime using Garageband iOS and he soon produced and released “Contradictions (Interlude)” (formally known as “A New Legacy”) which hybridizes the art of poetry/spoken word, electronic, neo-soul and rock guitar. Upon release of “Contradictions”, his debut visual, on YouTube and other social sharing platforms, his social presence had been cemented by the swift, growing buzz the project had garnered. As a result, he generated peak interest from local venues and inaugurated his career with live performances at notable venues in the Houston area, creating an eager fan base for his anomalous sound. Within the same year of his debut, he has performed alongside with renowned R&B/Soul vocalist Keke Wyatt and shared the stage with charting R&B artists such as, Dondria Nicole and others.

Presently, JonoJono has his debut EP album called “The Life EP” available, which he released on Sept. 22, 2017. The project instantaneously created a diverse fan group that exists on a broad listening spectrum throughout the country. The 5-track album showcases JonoJono’s love for genre bending, highlights his capability to innovate and introduces his game-changing new, fresh and organic sound. With an eye on the horizon, JonoJono strives to blaze his own trail in music, create lanes for musical renegades and inspire fellow musicians, listeners and fans alike.

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