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We caught up with one of Campus Recordings’ artist, JesKa Mone’a for the Winter 2015 Issue. “Campus Recordings is a record label based out of Houston, TX formed in 2013. Campus is a collective co-op located in the Heights neighborhood comprising of talented individuals and organizations within the arts including music, art, video, and design.” – Campus Records

JesKa Mone’a is a singer, songwriter, and fashion designer. She is motivated by her family and life, simply waking up in the mornings. Looking up to her grandmother, her favorite genre of music is Blues, as well as Hip-Hop, which contributes to her unique original sound. JesKa Mone’a hobbies are: “reading and learning new things about (her) culture and life & drawing flowers!” She is also a good basketball player, declaring, “I got you on defense all day!”

Over the next five years, JesKa Mone’a plans to do tours and festivals; with a goal of “working with artist all over the world to inspire people.” One of the hardest roadblocks she faced was losing all of her music and starting over. “It taught me to stay on top of business, – it’s a gritty game and if you don’t know you better find out and handle up always,” says JesKa Mone’a.

We asked JesKa Mone’a to share some advice for the next generation behind her; here’s some advice:

“There’s one you, and you are the center of your universe; once you realize that, you can and will accomplish anything you set forth. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are worthy” – JesKa Mone’a

  • Trust yourself
  • Never fold to what society wants you to be
  • Be bold
  • Take chances- not a try is a failure, so keep trying – at least you’re working

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