Jen Miller – “Fine” ft Eros

About the song:

“I wrote the record at my parents home and I remember sending it to Jake that evening. It was just a demo and that was nearly a year ago. Once we got Harold’s verse, it felt so right! I knew we needed to get a group of our friends together to shoot a video,” said Jen Miller. “I had never produced a video but the one thing I knew was that I wanted a female director.”

About the Video:
The “Fine” music video was directed by Megan St. John, the founder of Third Wheel Entertainment, a Chicago-based production company specializing in narrative video work. While currently based in Chicago, the company is excited to be expanding to Los Angeles, C.A. in early 2018. Megan’s most recent films (Broiled, 2015 and Strongroom, 2016) are currently in the festival circuit and have each garnered various awards. Tom Kinstle, director of photography at Third Wheel Entertainment, joined for the project, with an already impressive music video portfolio, including artists like Breaking Benjamin, Nickelback, Skillet, Bad Suns, and more.


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