“It’s time for a President with at least one tat to represent the people.”

Comedian & Entrepreneur

Marcus Bowers

It’s been almost a year since we last spoke with Marcus Bowers, the comedian and entrepreneur from Houston, Texas who never takes a day off. From comedy, to a  multi-store business, to teaching and mentoring youth Mr. Bowers stays busy.  He now has seven She’s Happy Hair stores open all across the nation. Yes, Marcus sells hair and he will make you laugh about it.

Marcus is definitely dedicated to his work and he says, “Im currently trying to change the world so I feel like I could be president.” He admits he has grown tremendouly since the last time we spoke with him. “I am a much better business man.”

Marcus 2    SHE’S HAPPY HAIR

The comedian/entreprenuer has been taking advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. He is all over the television, radio, comedy circuit, and social media. He is looking to start his non profit organization that will change the hood.

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