It’s Dem Dayum Twinz!

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Darrell ‘Dcipher’ Morris and Darnell ‘Shorty Sublime’ Morris have more in common than just their last name. They also share the same face! The fraternal twins have been inseparable since the day of their birth, and it is no surprise that they share the same love for entertaining.

D-Cipher & Shorty Sublime
D-Cipher & Shorty Sublime

Originally from the DMV, the two have been in Houston since 1988. “We have a lot of respect for a few different places, but none more than Houston, TX! We moved to Houston at a time when there was no spotlight  on southern rap at  all. We saw the struggle and growth in the movement from the beginning. We understand the culture in the ‘H’…the history. Houston runs through our blood. We are proud Texas Boys!”

Darnell 'Shorty Sublime' Morris
Darnell ‘Shorty Sublime’ Morris

The duo describes their style as “underground hip hop with east coast & down south flavor.” Dcipher boasts that substance and conscience thought goes into every line. Their music is creative and energetic..sometimes aggressive. Attend one of Dem Dayum Twinz performances and you will see for yourself that they have it right on! The duo brings tons of energy to the stage, and will bring the same energy no matter if there are 200 or 2 people in the audience. “Once the Mic lights up we are both in full attack mode. We make sure that the writing, recording, image, AND stage presence is unique.”

Darrell 'Dcipher' Morris
Darrell ‘Dcipher’ Morris

Dem Dayum Twinz have been on the underground scene for years, and show no signs of leaving anytime soon. They feed off of the love and feedback they get from fans, and will continue to create music as long as they can. In the future they plan to have many different businesses operating successfully. “God willing, we will stay relevant and busy. It’s just in our blood for life; regardless!”

-Coyo Alexander

Dem Dayum Twinz
“We love to write, record, and perform for the people. It’s all about them; the fan. Especially for the Underground.” -Dem Dayum Twinz

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