“It’s Beyond Basic Human Needs” by Rhonda Williams

It’s 2014 and it seems that our youth are spiraling out of control more than ever. The dropout rate and crime rate is higher than ever. It seems to me that most have given up on our troubled youth. Some feel that there isn’t any hope for our future generations. I can respect their opinion, however I disagree. Never give up on a person; as long as they are breathing they have the ability to change. Beside food, clothing, and shelter our youth have a combination of daily internal needs that aren’t met. Our youth are only doing the best they can with the limited amount of knowledge that they have. They can only express feelings, thoughts and actions that they have been exposed to unless they understand self-realization. There are a few points that are important to the development of our youth.

We need more positive role models. It’s important that our youth have positive adults who they can learn from. They need to connect with those who can show them different ways of channeling negative energy. They need someone whom they can trust and who’s not judgmental if they do make a mistake. Negative behavior is glorified in our media, and rarely do you see positive entertainment for our youth.

Self-awareness is something that every child must possess to feel complete. Self-awareness is the ability to recognize themselves as an individual separate from their environment and other people. Why does our youth lack of self-awareness? Because their parents/guardians lacked self-awareness. Most people lack the ability to make choices that represent them as a person, rather than their external awareness. Our youth needs to understand the importance of taking responsibility for their life. Our youth needs to understand how to take the strength from deep within and use it for their creativity rather than searching outside of themselves, causing them to react in a negative manner.

Education is one of the most important factors in youth development. Education does not end in the classroom. Our youth need to be educated in the areas of self-development, sex/intimacy, and environmental paradigms, and positive and negative consequences. Every child has the ability to be the best person that they can be, but they need the education to do so. Most are facing rough times in their life and need to know what steps to take to better their lives.

If we want to see things change we have to be willing to change our perspective. It’s 2014 and we have to understand that we can’t do the same things for this generation of youth that were done for your generation. We have to be open and honest with our youth. Everything is advanced so we have to be prepared for the advancement of our youth. We as role models have to continue to better ourselves because children are watching us and adopting our habits whether they are good or not so great. Where do we start? Let’s start somewhere.

-Rhonda L. Williams

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