ISH by Amelia Marie

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Here I sit again, twirling my hair around my fingers. And it’s not like I would expect you to notice a dead ringer. But my stomach hurts, and my eyes, swollen and shifty. Lookin like I’m god-damn fifty. Wish I was thrifty. I wish I had a hand the size of you. Smack you in the back of that ego Bet I could Enlighten you. Now go ahead and slide yo plate through the window. Feed me your shrooms like the man on your nintendo. Would you be this cruel if I were a gold fish? Probably not, but it’s okay. Without you I wouldn’t be mad, wouldn’t know how to play. Without my madness, where would I be? Where am I at if I Can’t even feel the hatred you shove inside of me? Okay? But trust me. I have no worries about your future. Like I said before, you aint gonna have no one tryina be a intruder Let’s do our shake and get it over with. I gotta go find out if sleep is really just a myth. One last thing before you go: Make sure there’s no fruity hearts on my tombstone.

Amelia Marie



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