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TRUE HEMP Clothing International

Hernan Campos began his journey with a vision to bring the world an innovative and beneficial product. He discovered the many uses of the hemp plant and ended with the idea to create a profitable business that truly benefits the earth, economy, people, and general health. Thus, True Hemp Clothing International (thcint) was born.

Now Hernan is no old school hippie nor is he Mr. Green. “My fight is Hemp. I do love our planet and I’m happy to help when I can. We live on a beautiful planet and I want my and everyone’s kids to enjoy it.” he explains.

Made with 100% HEMP
Made with 100% HEMP

Think thcint is just a tshirt company? Think again. Hernan tells us more. “I have a different, more specific vision. In a nutshell, it is about integrity. I promised 100% Hemp Clothing and accessories and that is what I will deliver.” The thcint line consists of hand sewn, one of a kind pieces that the client is involved in creating beginning to end. The company also uses its reach to serve as a platform to help promote the efforts of many talented people. The website is unique in that it is the only one that combines Hemp awareness with a main line of unique 100% Hemp clothing, and an entire art, product, and entertainment hub all in one place. “I treat my site like a hangout. I don’t push you to buy things. Come by, see a bunch of unique art and people. Interact and learn about Hemp. And while you’re here I know some talented people offering their art for free and for sale and I personally recommend them to you as a friend. I try hard to create that feel.” says Hernan.

While Hernan is working hard to get Hemp legalized so that he can bring you the quality clothing he promised, the grind doesn’t stop. Check out the site and see all of the projects thcint is involved in. One thing you will find is that everything at thcint is very real and organic. “This is us naked showing you our lives.”

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