INSTROment: The Artist who is ‘One” with Music

The weird, unique, and creative artist Instro continues into 2014 by working, working, and more working. He is focusing on his team more this year to put out more music and short films. His latest singles are ‘New Dallas and ‘City of Gold’. He also has two short films dropping this month in January called ‘Frenemies’ and ‘Couldn’t Let Go’.


Instro is always grinding and continuing to give his fans and other listeners something to anticipate. His is releasing his 1st mixtape entitled, ‘Samples, TV, and Movies’ in April. Instro is always looking for people who want to be involved in his short film projects. He currently has 5 short films scheduled to release this year. He has the desire and determination to change the lack of entertainment in the world.

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-Tinka Bell Israel

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