Indie Soul Artist Delaney talks about bombing his first performance and how it has fueled his desire to become the world’s best artist.

Let’s get groovy with Delaney…

“Always be yourself and never allow anyone to cause you to give up. You owe it to yourself and those who truly care about you to hear the best you can be.”         -Delaney

DelaneyDelaney is an up and coming entertainment artist hailing from Houston, TX. Delaney is a proud representative of the Indie Soul genre; he declares to posses a very unique blend of soul, pop, and urban style. While he has already staked his claim to the Indie Soul genre, he is appreciative to reside in a diverse city like Houston, where his style is able to span across many genres. “I take pride in being original at all times” he tells us. It’s not surprising that his music carries a unique quality of sound, with influences like Prince, Bob Marley, Otis Redding, Curtis Mayfield, Maxwell, Queen, and Sting.  Like many of his musical influences, he is a skilled musician, playing many instruments including guitar, drums and piano. He began his musical journey playing drums in his home church in Alvin, TX at the young age of nine. In high school he expanded his range to singing and tickling the keys of the piano, and began to pursue his passion seriously.


Delaney joins a host of other entertainers in confessing that the road to musical success is filled with potholes and detours along the way. He recalls his very first performance, saying “As a solo act, my first performance was a disaster lol. Sound was messed up and I lacked presence, yet I learned from that performance and here I am today as a better artist.”  In retrospect he is able to laugh about that experience on the stage, but at that time he admits that it was no laughing matter but definitely a great learning experience for him. Since that performance, Delaney continued to perfect his craft, he was able to book more shows and gain more positive feedback. He recalls his most memorable performance, saying “I will never forget performing in West University Place at the Edloe Street Cafe, and stopping traffic to the point where people were getting out of their cars not only to see the show, but to dance as well. It was like something out of a movie.”

Now Delaney is at a point in his life and career where he understands and appreciates the process of developing himself and perfecting his craft. He is completely focused on creating quality music to present to his listeners. He takes his passion from the studio to the stage and gains pleasure from the reaction his fans give him to his music. He wants to provide his fans with music with substance, something that he feels is lacking in the industry right now. Not only does he want to make music, he wants to take it a step further and make an impact on his community and the world through service.

“Even through my role in the community, I want current and future fans, to see that it is important to serve others out of love. As an entertainer, I feel I am only successful when someone is truly influenced by my music in a positive way.  Album sales, merchandise, and email lists can only do so much, but to know someone is changed by my music, it means the world. I want to bring love to every audience that hears my music, and make a difference in the world. I enjoy the fact that I am able to entertain my peers, bringing love and inspiration to every new fan who hears my music. At a Delaney show, audiences get emotionally invested into my music. You will hear my audience singing lyrics back to me because I love crowd participation. I always say no one leaves my show the same.”

Delaney has high hopes for his future with goals to become a global force. “I want to be played on National Radio, have a Indie deal, and become one of the most successful artist in the world.” 



Music available now: “Shut up & Kiss Me” available on iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby, Amazon
Music coming soon: Album, Genesis of Serenity, 2017
Next Event: Oct. 30th Dia De los Muertas Festival/Fundraiser for 90.1 KPFT Houston’s Fundraiser.

Follow Delaney:
Website: Delaney Is Live 

IG: delaneymusic29
FB: DelaneyisLive
SC: IamDelaney29
YouTube: The Real Delaney is Live



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