“I’m OG” JB feat. J-Dawg


James Beverly (JB), formerly known as “JB Tha Host” of the classic underground music label Beltway 8 Records is back. The mastermind behind classic hit songs like 4 Screens & A Gallon, and Bang & Roll Slow, has resurfaced back on the scene after  10 years.

JB is not resurfacing softly either! JB is coming back with force! His new single dropped this July, and will certainly have the city screaming “I’m OG!”. The New “Street’s Anthem” track features one of H-Town’s favorite artists, J Dawg, who blesses the track with his talented, realist verses produced by the talented hitmaker, “HawkGotHitz.” JB  is originally from the small country town of Bryan/ College Station, Texas.  The obstacles this OG has had to overcome are beyond fathomable, which makes his story even more genuine in this newly released single.

JB continues to strive for the best in all aspects of his life. He strives to keep his support system strong, telling us “my family is my life, I do this for them, and myself.” JB’s greatest inspiration is his late grandfather  who initially took him in, and showed him how to be a man (and of course get the ladies!).  JB has managed to accomplish a great deal in a little time, already working on mixtapes, and an album with many legends to appear such as J Dawg, Z-Ro, K-RINO and more surprises! Even though JB has been off the radar for a while, his lyricism, writing, and singing talents will forever keep his voice relevant. JB aims to “accumulate wealth and live off of residual” proclaiming that everyone do so, by following their own dreams & telling their STORY!


Relle, M.A.



link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/im-og-feat.-j-dawg-single/id1021672339




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