“I’m not trying to impress people with my music. I impress myself.”

Don Dino Bonaparte

Hailing from La Porte, Texas  also known as ‘LongPaper, Texas’ is a unique and conscious artist who goes by Don Dino Bonaparte. A unique entertainer who boasts an extensive background of entertaining others. “I was about seven years old when God told me to pick up a pen and begin my journey. Ever since then I’ve been on the path to accomplishing my life tasks. I’m motivated by the highest power.”

Don Dino Bonaparte Entertainer, Desginer
Don Dino Bonaparte
Entertainer, Desginer

Dino’s music is influenced by his hometown, his mother Libby Willis, Uncle David Willis, Tupac, Z-Ro, Trae the Truth, and DJ Screw. “The generation I grew up with in my city has everything to do with my style. A lot of us have that ‘I don’t give a f***’ attitude. That’s why I speak my mind on records without ever being afraid.” His style is evident in his live performance. Dino and his crew are one the most energetic underground acts in Houston. “You’re going to see rappers on stage making beautiful noise. My only concern is what they feel and hear.” You will definitely feel tons of energy at a Dino show. They literally shut the stage down!

In the midst of creating a name for himself in the underground rap game, Dino found an opportunity to expand his reach and developed the Kingz on Deck Brand (KOD). the KOD movement has been spreading all over La Porte and Houston, and has become very successful thus far. KOD includes their music and a clothing company. Dino is proud to have the ability to build his brand and his future as he sees fit. “The thing I enjoy most about what I do is that I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do. I enjoy the fact that I don’t have to lean on anyone, and no one but me is in control of what I do. And that will forever be the case.

Not only is Dino a conscious business man, he is also very particular about the quality of the music he produces these days. “I would describe my music as refreshing. We started with gangster rap but now we are rising out of that trap. It’s a whole new vibe and sound. It’s guaranteed to touch your soul and lift your spirit.” He is focused on uplifting his community in a positive manner and urges his peers to do the same. “I like the skill level of rappers today but I don’t like the shit they promote. They should promote  healthy lifestyles and healthy family relationships a lot more.”

Dino and his crew have been working diligently on their latest project, and he boasts that the finished product will be everything we expect plus more. “This album will be a beautiful clash of genres and will be 1000% authentic.” This album will be a nice addition to everything that the KOD brand stands for. Dino and his crew have their hearts set on greatness, and at the rate that they are going, they are well on their way. “My goal is to become a major artist with a major message and a major movement. I want to be a corporation. I AM the deal.”

-Coyo Alexander

LISTEN TO: Dino & Yung Rell – Evolution (Produced by Chris Carter)

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