“I’m not here to create the perfect picture” – Ciara Carter

“I’m not here to create the perfect picture” – Ciara Carter

Ciara Carter is an aspiring soul singer from Beaumont, Texas. We have heard Ciara share her passion through Houston using her music. With high hopes of happiness, she changes between styles in her attempt to touch souls.

Ciara currently spends 80% of her time working on her craft. When she is not working, she loves to do yoga and also dance; so we see why her role models are Aaliyah & Beyoncé.

“I’m not here to create the perfect picture,” states Ciara, “I’m here to do what I was born to do, and that’s to be me!” We asked Ciara to share some advice for the generation that will come behind her, and she wants encourages them to follow their wildest dream.

After loosing friends and family through hardships, she continues to follow her dream before it’s too late. Not letting her own ignorance fo being afraid stop her from her pursuit.

-Jacob Isaac

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