“I write these songs because I’d be an emotional basket-case without the release!” – JIROD GREENE

Jirod Greene

Jirod Greene is an Austin-based artist who captures his audience with music and lyrics that will leave you feeling wholly intertwined with your surroundings. His style represents authenticity and simplicity. His ability to talk about everyday situations that people can relate to is what separates him from other entertainers as he paints vivid pictures with his words and is a true storyteller.

His aim is to be intentional with the music that he creates. Jirod’s style as an artist allows him to touch his fans’ emotions. When you experience the recorded or live sounds of his band you will be moved to deep reflection or intense energy. You should take a trip to Austin to see their performance where you can expect to see a high energy show with music that makes you dance and lots of crowd participation. His music is definitely an experience. In his own words, “Without music, I would be a truck driver who does karaoke at Chinese restaurants.” Music is something that owns youyesyou! You can’t escape itit’s everywhere! My music makes me feel like I’m the most powerful being on the planet and I write these songs because I’d be an emotional basket case without the release.” You should support music because you were probably conceived to ityour parents did “it” to music.”

Jirod Green 2

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