“I live to inspire.” -Shostoppa

“My definition of success is knowing I’ve changed someone’s life with the art I’ve produced”

Chris ‘Shostoppa’ Howard is a living example of the great things that can be accomplished when you step up and just do you. The possibility of being embarrassed in front of all of your friends can also pull some amazing things out of a young man. Shostoppa tells us that’s just how he got his start.“I was called out by a popular rapper during lunch in front of the whole cafeteria, so it was either man up or back down (laughs). I manned up, and all I remember was that the reaction from the crowd off ONE punch line I delivered was so crazy that I got suspended. When I came back I was known as the guy who stopped the show, or Shostoppa. It was like a movie.” Sounds like a little push can go a long way.

Ever since his coming out moment in school, Shostoppa has kept steady momentum when it comes to his grind. Not only does he possess superb lyrical ability; he also produces all of his own music. He doesn’t give you just any lyrics or beats though. When listening to Shostoppa, expect to be amazed by the talent and professionalism captured in his music. He tells us that his uniqueness lies in his charisma, delivery, and perception–which is evident when listening to any of his tracks. The artist proudly describes his music, “awesome, timeless, confident.”


The 25 year old Chi-town born, H-town bred Aldine High School and Texas Southern University alum brings listeners that traditional hometown sound that we love, and enhances it with impeccable lyrics to go along with his clever delivery. As a kid, Shostoppa’s favorite Houston artist was Chamillionaire, and he recalls how he knew all of his Swisha House freestyles word for word. Surprisingly, Shostoppa reveals that his all-time favorite artist is Michael Jackson. “I mean damn, the man made THRILLER and the Moonwalk lol” says Stoppa

Shostoppa has been working hard from the start and while he envisions major success for himself in the industry, he’s not trippin’ on the bright lights. He aims to become a master of his craft, and continue to create groundbreaking, life changing music. “My definition of success is knowing I’ve changed someone’s life with the art I’ve produced” the artist explains. He also has a huge entrepreneurial spirit and plans to own several businesses in the future. But for now, he will just work on getting the whole world to say YAYAOO!

-Coyo Alexander

***Go download ’92 DreamTeam’ on iTunes and the YSL album is coming very very soon***


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