“I Keep Falling For Me” by Rhonda Williams

Have you ever thought about your relationship pattern? What type of friends and lovers do you attract? Do you feel that you choose healthy relationships or not so great relationships? Most people don’t understand why they find themselves in the same situation with a different person constantly. That’s when you’ll hear people say, “there aren’t any good men/women out here”, or “friends aren’t loyal these days.” You may often witness certain people uplifting their relationships with others. Why is that? Why do certain people attract good relationships and others don’t? Because you don’t get out of life what you want, you get out of life who you are.

The law of attraction is the belief that ‘like attracts like’. The things that you believe about yourself consciously and unconsciously attracts you to others that are on the same frequency. Think about your circle of influence. What type of people are you close to? Do you associate with people who are driven/goal-oriented, or with people who have no direction? Take a look at those closest to you and think about where you see them in the next five years. Amongst their future you can find yours.

You’ll see women and men falling for the same type of person all the time. I had a friend who would always choose the guys who are unfaithful, mean, and irresponsible. She would call with the same story time after time, year after year. I never understood why she went through what she did with guys because she was beautiful, smart, and driven. I later realized that she had extreme insecurities. She unconsciously believed that she deserved to be misused and mistreated by men. She was comfortable with living in emotional pain as long as she had a man. I had an uncle who dated women who allowed him to hit them and treat them so bad. On the outside he acted like he was ‘The Man’ but on the inside he was broken. He was angry that his father wasn’t in his life and that he witnessed him beating his mom. He found himself being exactly what he hated.

Falling in love with you over and over again can be good or not so good. You have the choice to be involved in healthy relationships. When you begin to put more time into learning and developing yourself you will raise your level of self-awareness. As you begin to learn more about yourself you will be cautious of the people you entertain. When you find that unconditional love for yourself you will attract loving relationships with others. Never seek outside of yourself because everything that you need is already within you.

-Rhonda Williams

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