I Believe in Me if Nobody Else Does” -DLo



The self-proclaimed underdog in the rap game, Dominique ‘D-Lo’ Early describes his music as ‘Trill Talk Texas”. That’s big talk in the land of the trill, Houston, Texas. Meaning, these words shouldn’t be taken lightly. That statement gives you an idea how much confidence D-Lo has in skills. He doesn’t write. All of D-Lo’s music is recorded straight from the dome as he depicts his life and thoughts over his hand-crafted beats.


D-Lo got his start early rapping on his dad’s VHS recorder. This is where his freestyling roots emerged and a big reason why he still doesn’t write today.  And of course he is an Htown native, so he loves the classic Swisha House ‘Before the Kappa’ mixtapes which featured classic freestyles from Houston’s best artists (in case you didn’t know). Fast forward to now, D-Lo has followed his dream to become an entertainer and is proud of the progress he has made thus far. He recorded his first mixtape ‘ART’ hosted by DJ Millz and created his first self-made buzz. Since then, he has recorded several songs and mixtapes and is making waves on the Houston underground scene.

The 23 year old entertainer  tells us that although he isn’t flashy with his music, he does have something to prove– “I’m very eager to show my peers what faith and a unique gift from God will get you. I will do what I love and take the worries away from my loved ones–the family and my city.” D-Lo isn’t playing either. The artist, producer, promoter, and sound engineer spends 13-20 hours in the studio on any given day. He strives to give his listeners the best experience and create music no one has ever done–a lofty task he admits, but he feels that anyone who has listened to his music can see that his concept is completely different from any other artist.

-Coyo Alexander

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Get to know D-Lo!
Without music, I would be…still getting money
Music is…Power
My music makes me feel…like I’m reliving the moments I’m describing on the track
I write these songs because…People need change… I’m devoted to my people
Support music because…It may change your life if you LISTEN and don’t just HEAR it

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