“I am a custom designer. I personalize the individual.” -Tish Lott

Tishomengia ‘Tish’ Lott began designing at the tender age of 7, when her grandmother taught her to make clothes for her dolls. She has been a fashionista ever since. When she decided to take her passion seriously she enrolled in Wade College to pursue a degree in Fashion Merchandising.

Designs by Tish Lott
Designs by Tish Lott

Tish is a fashion designer and personal stylist who enjoys bringing her styles to life. She bases her style around two elements: “Entertaining and sexy. Every woman loves attention and to feel sexy” she explains. “My styles are generally based on creating what you don’t see. It’s different and it speaks loudly.” Her styles consist of unusual fabric combinations and colors. She draws inspiration from prominent fashionistas Betsy J. and Tina Knowles. “I love the drama [Tina Knowles] garments give in Beyonce’s music videos. I base my creations on those same concepts.

Designs by Tish Lott
Designs by Tish Lott

When it comes to designing her client personally, Tish handles with care. She explains, “I sit them down personally and ask them lots of questions about themselves. Where are you going? What do you like in clothing? Are you shy? What is your favorite personal asset? What are your favorite colors? I am a custom designer. I personalize the individual.” She is adamant about having confidence in your clothing. “Confidence is key. If it’s not you, don’t try it. You should feel comfortable, confident, and like yourself in your clothing.” And don’t think for one second that Tish is going to have you going out looking any kind of way. She more like that best friend you take shopping with you because you know she will be honest. She urges those who are in need of style advice to turn to someone who is “honest and objective, and who will consider what looks good on you and not what they would like to see you in.”

Designs by Tish Lott
Designs by Tish Lott

So far, Tish has worked with tons of aspiring artists and coordinators like gospel artist Camille Manns and Miss Arlington Dr. Jennifer Jackson to name a few. You will most likely see her designs at a fashion show in your city. We asked Tish if she would be retiring from fashion anytime soon, she replied… “I eat, sleep, and breathe for more lights after the show!!! I love this thing!”

-Coyo Alexander

Contact Tish:
 FB: Tishomengia Lott 
 IG: @Kandygirl2013
Email: Tishomengialott@yahoo.com
Phone: 832-895-9325

Without fashion, I would…be in a dark place.
Fashion is…my outlet.
My work makes me feel…Like its worth the fight!
I love design because…I see my thoughts come alive.
Support fashionistas because…It’s therapy that builds self-esteem and confidence.

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