Hosea Mais of ISH Beats

“Hush hush and let my music speak for itself.”

Original, Conceptual, Heartfelt. These are the words that Hosea Mais uses to describe his sound. The young producer, songwriter, and guitarist will tell you himself that his beats are premium. ISH beats of course means what you think it does, but  the acronym also has another cool meaning–I SUPPORT HOSEA’S BEATS. When you listen to his music for the first time, not only will you readily support but will also understand why  the title is so appropriate. “You’ll be able to hear what I’m talking about, so hush hush and let my music speak for itself” Hosea urges.

Hosea Mais
Hosea Mais

The young hip-hop producer and College Station, TX native began his music journey when he started a metal band with a group of friends. He was a popular athlete in school, but decided to focus on music full-time. This was a huge decision for him, but he knew it was the right one. “I just loved what the music did to me. when my crew and I would run into that one jam in practice nothing felt better” he recalls. Over time Hosea developed an interest in hip-hop, and for the past two years he’s been lacing the underground scene with incomparable beats.

ISH Beats

Currently Hosea is working on his first EP with his good friend Erc Nations entitled, In Bloom. The duo have created for themselves a unique sound which was recently recognized at  their performance at SXSW 2013. Hosea tells us, “Lately my biggest motivation is having Lil Young of Swisha House come up to me after Erc and I got off stage. He said, “I fuck with you man, that was different.” That was all I needed to keep going 110%. I didn’t see him do that to any other artist that day, which really gave me an itch to produce, produce, produce!” And produce is what he does. Hosea assures that you will always get a blend of what you need with his music. He spends several hours each week creating beats that stand alone. With a goal to attain a Grammy award in 8 years,  Hosea knows he has his work cut out for him, but he is up to the challenge.

-Coyo Alexander

Hosea Mais – Swisha Wisha

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Without music, I would bea lame
Music is…the tits & cream
My music makes me feelLIKE A BOSS
I write these songs because…I write the songs
Support music because…It’s the reason why movies are so suspenseful and half the reason you have a clue what to do about love

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