Honor Roll JBC – Jarvis G3, Dj La Bear, & Dez Too Rad

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Honor Roll JBC is an entertainment group from Houston,TX.
Members are “kerosene DC” “Jarvis G3″and “Dj La Bear” as Lyricist and
SongWriters “Dez Too Rad” as the producer,audio engineer,Drummer,
“Aaron Black” as the Producer,video editor,Guitarist.

Honor Roll JBC wants to be a fully functional band with year
long tours and a well known brand. As of right now to them
promotion is the hardest part of music as a DIYS/indie artist.
It doesn’t matter how good your song is if people don’t
hear it or if it doesn’t reach people then it’s just going to
sit.We ask Honor Roll JBC what is a ultimate goal you want to
accomplish and they replied “A underground hip hop concert in
honor of “DJ Screw” birthday featuring Honor Roll JBC. If your
wondering how to entertain your audience and fan based then
you have come to the right spot.

Words of advice from the artist:
“Go for the masses not one important person. If you have a lot of
believers in your craft you can accomplish all. Waiting on a label
rep or manager to tell you that you suck will waste a lot of time.
It’s too many people in this world to be hanging your head over one
persons opinion it doesn’t matter who it is famous or not!”

Stay tuned in with the artist here on FyiHouston and be on the the
look out for their next project” The Come Up” which could be found via Soundcloud.

If you are a fan and would like to get info and stay
updated with all their shows appearances and news, Follow:

Twitter: @honorrolljbc
IG | @therealdeztoorad

For Booking or Appearances:




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