Honey B is still outchea grinding

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honey b no hillary coverLast time we spoke with Honey B, we learned that she is all about her business and there is no compromise. Nothing has changed since then, and she is still on a 100% promotional grind. “Show after show after show,” is how she explains it. She is completely putting herself out there to test the waters again.

honey b cover b photo Honey B is building her brand and has a new group named Thr33. She is also working on her publishing company. Everyone can look forward to HBTV media show. “HBTV show is a documentary section that I’ve started to give people a peek into what I do.” She was working on her EP but has recently decided to do a full album at the beginning of the year. Honey B is working nonstop. With all of her hard work and multiple projects, she will continue to reach fans and rock the underground.

-Tinka Bell Israel

Young Poody feat. Honey B – Roll’n Down the Highway


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