FYI Houston released the first quarterly issue in fall 2012. The initial magazine used the tagline, “Your Source for Underground Entertainment”. That issue highlighted many of Houston’s underground entertainers, most being local acts, and others who were visiting Houston during the time of publication! Unlike today, the staff did not originally plan a launch party, but only celebrated the launch with a party among staff.

The staff began to incorporate fashion and business with entertainment; which diversified the platform of exposure to include individuals overcame similar roadblocks. The new direction birthed the new tagline, “Your Source from the Underground”.

This change also sparked the conversation to host a launch party with each seasonal issue, which allowed the staff to embark on the annual launch and showcase series from January 2013 until January 2017. During the spring of 2017, the magazine staff tried something new.  The 19th seasonal issue launched, without an event, into a new direction; more visual, more direct, with an ease of access, via FYI Houston’s YouTube Channel.

Past attendees and guests valued the networking opportunities which allowed new projects and relationships to be birthed within the FYI Houston network of current/past supporters, features, partners, sponsors, advertisers, bloggers, staff and more.

During the summer of 2017, FYI Houston made a commitment to continually support on-going relationship building and new projects from Houston’s Underground talents and entrepreneurs. FYI Houston decided to launch an events calendar, completely free to post upcoming networking events, showcases, and more!

In celebration of the 20th seasonal issue (Summer 2017), FYI Houston also launched their first merchandise store for Houston guests, visitors, and features to support through an online shop: www.fyihou.com.

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