Godson owner talks Houston’s fashion scene, and the message behind the brand

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Creative fashion design with a divine purpose in mind.

Godson Dej LoafThat is what Godson is all about. A company with a divine purpose. Creative and uncommon designs have allowed the young brand to experience early success, with recording artist Dej Loaf recently rocking the merchandise. For owner and creator Christopher Garcia, this is just the beginning. Christopher started by helping a friend with their clothing line. In 2014, he began to feel compelled to create his own designs. “I just wanted to get out my creative ideas and just simply createI knew I wanted to provide a platform to help others chase their dream since day one. I started this brand with a purpose to evoke emotion via streetwear clothing from a Christian point of view.” 

Christopher Garcia is a 23 year old Mechanical Engineering student at Prairie View A&M University. He is an athlete by nature, involved in track & field and motocross for most of his life. He even participated in the Junior Olympics where he received a silver medal. He had aspirations of becoming a professional sprinter, until unfortunate injuries ended his career. He admits that it was extremely difficult to let go of a dream that he held so dearly for so long, but he knew that he had to seriously consider his health and how his injuries would hinder his ability to perform at the elite level he was used to. What made his decision even more difficult is the fact that he comes from a family of elite athletes.


“I think my biggest struggle was giving up running track honestly, lol. It may sound funny but that broke my heart. I had too many injuries and I knew that I wasn’t the same Chris on the track. I was all about running Track, thats all I thought about. I just had to realize my path was going to be different, and that process took about two years.”

The Godson brand represents a style that is timeless and concise. The brand carries heavy influence from Houston’s urban culture, especially on Prairie View University’s campus. Godson women camoChristopher describes the fashion scene on campus: “At PV, the fashion scene is poppin’! I love it. There are so many creative minds. It is a great place to be for me because everybody is willing to support and network with someone who works hard. There is also a competitive edge to it because there are so many other brands on campus.” Although Godson’s fashion is influenced by its surroundings, their style is completely organic. So organic, that he can’t distinctly describe what it is. “I can’t really put a word on that, I just let it come to me. It’s all based on emotion most of the time. It just pops in to my head. So I guess I could say let it come naturally, trust your heart, & be organic.”

“Be YOU. Nobody else can be YOU.” -Christopher Garcia

Godson is committed to providing its customers with the highest in quality and design for now and ever. They have recently collaborated other designers and are excited about their potential for growth. The brand has desires to work with fashion mavericks like Kanye West and to build its own flagship stores in Houston and Los Angeles.

“Embrace your identity, Search for your God-given purpose if you haven’t found it yet, and take risks!” -Christopher Garcia

Godson mens jacketI think my brand name alone has helped me connect just because of the purpose people instantly understand. The style of my brand which is simple and subliminal. I think that style is something people love and will forever respect.” -Christopher Garcia






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