I was talking on the phone with my good friend a short time ago and she was giving me real knowledge. As we talked about doing greater things and actually working toward the lifestyle that we’re creating for ourselves, I realized that if I want to accomplish everything that I have set for myself thus far I need to grind 100% or don’t grind at all.  She told me every day that I wake up I need to work like it was my first day. If I’m not going to give my all 100% of the time, I’m wasting my own time, and not to mention cheating myself. I needed that realness! We all need someone in our life that lifts us and challenges us to become better. If you don’t have someone in your life that pushes you, it’s time to begin to entertain people who can be an asset to your life rather than a liability. Begin to surround yourself with people who actually bring substance to your life.

Les Brown, one of my favorite speakers, once shared a story about a builder who had been building homes for his employer for years and it became time for him to retire. His employer asked him to build one more house, and that it would be his last commissioned job. He built the house, but he didn’t put his all into it. He used cheaper material, he overlooked things that he wouldn’t usually, and didn’t complete things in its entirety. After the house was complete the employer gave him the keys and said “this is your house”. Can you imagine the thoughts that were going through his head?  Every seed we sow determines our fulfillment in the future. We can no longer accept mediocrity from ourselves because all we are doing is cheating our harvest. So every day you must go hard like it was your first day in the studio trying to prove yourself or designing that first dress for a fashion show. “You don’t get out of life what you want; you get out of life what you are.” This quote gave me an abundance of clarity looking into my life.

I want to encourage you to just stop and evaluate your life and see if it’s a reflection of your goals. Are the things you’re doing in line with the things you want? Start giving more time to yourself! Start getting excited about your grind because it makes you feel good and gives you the desire to want to grind more. You have two choices, either you Go 100% and reap it all or you can go 99 ½ and cheat yourself ½. What are you going to do?

-Rhonda Williams

Rhonda Williams
Rhonda Williams





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