I am D’von “Ghost” Henderson, born and raised in Houston, TX. For the first 18 years of my life I lived in the Southpark area of Houston. I didn’t grow up in the roughest area but it sure wasn’t in any way pleasant at all. Growing up everyone that I was close to was highly influenced and involved in hiphop. From my brother, step-brother, uncle, cousins, etc. Seemed like everyone in my family wanted to be a rapper but I was the only one who stuck with it consistently as a career. I started getting more interested in the art by the age of 13, when I began understanding the opportunities.

I wrote my first rhyme when I was 14 in my english class and a year later after hearing the Tupac Resurrection Soundtrack I came up with the name Ghost due to a certain song on the soundtrack. Growing up I would listen to of course what my city had to offer featuring aritst of S.U.C., Swishahouse, etc. But most importantly what helped me venture as an expanding aritst was the influence of NWA, Tupac, Biggie, No Limit, Dr.Dre, Ice Cube, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Jay-Z, Eminem, etc. Listening to artists from other areas helped me notice what more can be done with combining the style of Houston. I tend to change moods of whether or not Ill be charming, laidback, or hype on a song depending on the song content, but mainly beat type. As far as similarities go its hard to say seeing that I don’t sound like any of the artists that I grew up listening to, taking me on the route of having my own sound. Maybe one day in the future an upcoming aritst can say my name on their list…I mean who wouldn’t dream of that? I wanted to become an entertainer because those were the type of people who raised me, “Entertainers”. I use to be in denial of it becuase I didn’t want to give my brothers so much credit but now I’m grateful for that following. Rapping is generally what I’ve always had in my heart, nothing else. You can’t really count MY imagination before my teens, I was down for whatever. I enjoy playing sports and just wondering what else interesting is out there but like Pac said, “Besides rapping the only thing I did good was scrapping”. You have to fight for what you want. Basically this is who I am and without it I feel sort of irrelevant and a waste of space, honestly. Overall Im an entertainer/musician so I must get in some anevue of entertainment, even if its SONGWRITING or developing. I believe that the majority of aspiring artists reaches that “give up” point but alot just don’t expose it. The point where everything seems pointless and you begin to doubt your talent, feeling like its taking too long. What I’ve realized and what motivated me again was saying to myself, “Hey, how can you give up on what you haven’t even really started doing yet?”. Meaning I wasn’t presenting my talent consistently enough to a crowd before I could just pack it all up, so I reevaluated. My first project was a mixtape called “Illegal Medicine”, everyone loved the name but its more to it than just dropping a mixtape to become a household entertainer. I released it in 2010, at a time where my showmanship started to really get noticed. I got in a touch with a someone who thought to manage me and we hit show to show. Opening up for names like JCole, Wale, Chiddy Bang, Bun B, frat house bookings, etc. with no less than 300 people in each show. I recently released a Mixtape called, “Faded”, full of songs that I’ve been sitting on for about 2 years which was long over due for exposure. I came to realized that letting these songs build up too much wasn’t giving me any room to create something new. Im not focused on my next project too much at this moment. I want to build as much as I possible can off of “Faded” but I do plan for something new to drop in the first quarter of 2013. My long term goal in entertainment is to be the one on the inside looking out, having say so on whatever opportunities are thrown at me. Being involved with the business side in full detail, knowing EXACTLY whats going on. Making sure that all of those who were always there are taken care of, helping to create jobs, and of course being a long term artist working with who inspire(d) me. Entertainment is the influence of a genertation. Statistics have shown that the type of music of one generation defines that generations lifestyle from the love era, orchestra, jazz era, duet era, soul era, gangster era, to the now which is what no one can begin to define. Intergrated? Iv’e done “Sole for Souls” outreaches, food drives, etc. Entertainment plays itself as far as whats the next hottest addition, so to be honest I cant say what is missing but when it comes Im sure we will all recognize it. But the downfall in entertainment today is being able to stay relevant, seems to be like the largest challenge due to the large clutter of entertainers. What seperates me is yet to come from my experiences. I completely lack fear and nervousness in entertainment, this is truly my Second Nature. I overall do my best to study the best and not mimic them but yet understand their similarities that made them seen the way they are and have been. Im still evolving so my difference is knowing that alone but also knowing that thats something Ill have to let the audience show me. Basically I just want to encourage people to support whatever can motivate them to succeed and if thats me then job well done Ghost. The audience is the most important and always have been. So as long as I make “quality” music and stay consistent with no procrastination in team effort I’ll deserve them. I know what Im becoming and what team Im coming with so I have no fear in not being a household name. We work as a unit and I’ve stay loyal to the craft, so for that alone respect is earned! “EmaQlate Forever on the back of these hoodies..” – Dice

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