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“My hip hop songs are metaphorical, my pop music is up-tempo and I ride the beat, and my R&B is always sexy to me.” –G-Dot

G-Dot of Pass Christian, Mississippi is a producer of all genres who does what he feels and never limits himself to any type of music. The Mississippian describes his music as very versatile. “My hip hop songs are metaphorical, my pop music is uptempo and I ride the beat, and my R&B is always sexy to me.” G -Dot admits that he is not your normal looking rapper. He looks like a skateboarder. He likes music that other artists would consider weird. But this is what makes his sound unique.

He has been entertaining since he was 13 , rapping with the group DSL. They broke up after a couple of mixtapes but G -Dot continued doing his thing. After he dropped his 1st solo project Fire Down Below, he received over 1,500 downloads  without any promotion. His 2ndsolo project After Burn received even more downloads than the 1st project. The producer loves what he does and puts a lot of time and effort into each of his projects. He gets better with time. This is why people appreciate his music so much because he creates music to please his fans.


Although G-Dot has an excellent ear for music of all genres, his degree from Full Sail University gives him the extra skills and talent  required to be a successful producer. He is a producer, artist, and engineer–in that order. He also admits he is and excellent dancer, which is his second love.

G-Dot, the musical genius realizes that in coming from a small town in Mississippi the music scene is very small. He puts in extra work to broaden his base and get his music out. “Thank God for the internet.” He challenges everyone to listen to his music one time and is confident that you will become a fan. He sees major success for himself and his company in the near future and is confident that the world is going to love him.

-Tinka Bell Israel

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