FYI Houston catches up with GQ Marley

GQ Marley
“[I have the] best project out this year.” -GQ Marley
GQ Marley has been busy finishing up his 1st official album, DREAM  2: Revenge of the Nerd, and with it he has taken his music to a whole new level. The goal of this project is to encourage everyone to choose to be themselves and chase their dreams by any means. “Words can’t explain how much work I put into this project. I can’t wait to share it with the world.” He dares everyone to search GQ Marley on and if you are not already a believer in his dream.

A year ago when we last talked to the Bob Marley namesake, life had been very challenging. Since then he has had time to reflect on his life. The artist’s latest projects are based on personal life experiences that everyone regardless of age, race, gender, or sex can relate too. They are inspired by the death of his older brother. “Life is too short. You have to take risks.” GQ’s latest project “DREAM 2,” is an album that no one wants to miss.

GQ Marley puts his heart and soul into this album. He takes his time on every single track. He’s not rushing anything until it is absolutely perfect. The artist has something to prove on this album. He is a firm believer in giving his all. His brother always told him to dream. So GQ Marley takes it one day at a time. He plans to make a huge impact in the underground with his album, and hopes to go on tour in the future to continue to spread his music to more fans.

-Tinka Bell Israel

Listen to GQ Marley’s ‘Show Dat’ HERE

Without music I would be…lost
Music ismy road map to a successful future
My music makes me feellike nothing is impossible
I write these songs becauseit gives me a chance to speak for those who are different and love being different. It’s my story that I want to share with the world.
Support music because…it’s the reason I Dare Risk Everything Achieve More (DREAM).

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