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FYI Houston caught up with Biana ‘Binky’ Lister, owner of Free Expressionz Artwork & Design to see what new things they have been up to. Not suprisingly, the company continues to experience growth. The company is currently preparing to launch their Create or Die Grant Foundation and also a mentor foundation to create opportunities for college students. Let me remind you that all of these things are happening while Binky attends graduate school in  pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Architecture. The grind doesn’t stop! Binky tells us more in our follow up interview.

What have you been up to since we last talked to you?

Free Expressionz Artwork & Design continues to do excellent business and has launched their website, The only thing that has changed is my academic status. Since my last feature I have made the jump from, “Post Graduate” right back into the chair of a student as I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Architecture at the University of Houston. My studies are strenuous and takes away the time I have to create, paint, write, and tend to my clientele, however an artist always finds time to create, even when there is none. So if anything Graduate school is teaching me to be an even more resourceful artist and business owner.

How have you grown since we last talked to you?

I’ve always been one to embrace growth and change. It is the only thing in this Life that is constant, so why fight it? I have matured greatly as a businesswoman having had the opportunity to network with various architectural professionals, designers, and artists since I have been enrolled at UH. Being eclectic in my interests has showed me that some of the best advice and guidance can come from the most unexpected places. So I make it a point to travel with an “empty cup” no matter where I go or who I meet.

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What is the most important life lesson you have learned since we last spoke?

Each day is a learning experie
nce for me in my line of work. It is almost impossible to only pick one. But I’d have to say that the life-lesson that has been the most prominent is that, I am human. I think that life gets us so wrabl12pped up in our daily happenings and routine stresses, that we are so consumed with. “getting it done,’ and meeting deadlines, that we often forget that we are human. That we will make human error, that we will get tired, that we fail from time to time, and thus we can come down even harder on ourselves when we feel like we are not meeting the standards of others and ourselves. Bringing yourself back to Earth, and reminding yourself that it is normal to lack perfection or mess up from time to time is perhaps one of the toughest challenges that I still work to master to this day.

What do you have planned in the coming months?

Since I am entering my Winter break from school, there are so many exciting plans and projects that are underway and will be revealed over the course of the next 3 months. The Free Expressionz Online Gallery is constantly updated to provide the best virtual art gallery experience for our viewers and we are working on getting some art pieces displayed in several downtown and midtown Houston businesses. Art enthusiasts of all kinds, writers, painters, graphic designers, and general lovers of art will be very pleased with the plans we have in place. Which includes everything from new blog articles on health/wellness, upcoming shirt designs, and art events to new paintings and works of poetry, and of course I will be taking commissions for the holiday season! The real question is… What DON’T we have planned for the coming months!


What future projects can we look forward to?

In the Art Sector of my life, fans can expect to see some new and exciting pieces dropping this holiday season! I will be starting a new erotica-influenced paint series called, “The Panty Chronicles” this month to be unveiled for the New Year! Free Expressionz Artwork & Design has also been working tirelessly on a new T-shirt campaign scheduled to launch for Black History Month in 2016. That is only just a couple of the many thing we have planned for the company in 2016! We encourage everyone to keep their eyes open. One blink and you might miss some amazement.

What is some advice you can give the next generation behind you?

It is important to EMPTY YOUR CUP. “Know It Alls,” rarely get very far in life. Humbleness is perhaps the most important quality one can have in this day and age. I would advice the younger generation to always be humble not only in their talents but in their lives in general. Never fall into the trap of assuming you know enough about a subject or matter when you can always learn more.

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