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Tabitha “TroubleSum” Grant is a native Houstonian, and one of the most influential female rappers in the city! Motivated by her son and love for the arts, she grinds effortlessly in her pursuit of success! With her unique look, voice and lyric choice, only time will tell you what you have been missing out on.

You should definitely follow her, and make sure to check out her latest project, “Follow The Leader”! With this being her 7th Mixtape, she has already build quite a buzz through various media channels online, so what are you waiting for, go follow the leader!

We asked TroubleSum to give some advice to the next generation coming up behind her, and here are a few tips she wanted to share with the youth:

1. Stay connected to God
2. Stay focused
3. Know who you are
4. Never compromise
5. Have a great attorney
6. Have an amazing team

TroubleSum looks up to Tupac and Beyonce as musical role models, and with goals of co-starring in a major film project, I can see why! In her spare time, TroubleSum listens to R&B, paints and also visits the local museums. She also has a hidden talent of “throw(ing) down in the kitchen,” so I’d say she’s the ideal artist, and wife, in my opinion!

-Jacob Isaac

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