Fitness and Nutrition Goals and the Health Benefits of an Active Lifestyle

FYI Houston would like to welcome the newest member of our family, fellow Aggie Mark Davis. Mark is a fitness and nutrition professional and will provide readers with insight and advice on nutrition and fitness. We are proud to have Mark on our team, and he is excited about providing you with practical information on your health and wellness as well as answering all of your fitness and nutrition inquires. Continue reading as Mark formally introduces himself:

Howdy FYI Houston Readers,

My name is Mark Davis and I’m a fitness and nutrition professional. I have a BS in nutritional sciences from Texas A&M University and I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I’m excited to be a part of the FYI family and I look forward to providing you with practical information in the fields of fitness and nutrition. In this inaugural blog I would like to extend an open invitation to the readers to ask me your health, fitness and nutrition questions.

In this issue I will address how to stick with your fitness and nutrition goals and the health benefits of an active lifestyle. Fitness and nutrition goals are similar to New Year’s resolutions in the sense that they are usually discarded after a few weeks. Why?! The main reasons people give up on these goals are because they are not specific or sustainable. The key to achieving fitness and nutrition goals, or any goal for that matter, is consistency. The more consistently we can work towards accomplishing a goal the more likely we will succeed at that particular goal. So what are the deterrents to consistency? Your goals should be specific and sustainable. For example, when making a workout plan, instead of just planning to “work out” three times weekly, you should schedule your work out days as you do with any important event and pre plan the exercises you will do during your scheduled time. As far as sustainability, your exercises should be within your fitness level. If the work out is too intense it is highly likely you will not continue for more than a couple of weeks. If you are not familiar with what your fitness level is or what exercises will work best for you, I recommend you contacting a Certified Personal Trainer at your gym or local YMCA. These two points can increase your chances of accomplishing your goals tremendously.

Lastly, the health benefits of an active lifestyle are numerous and well documented. An active lifestyle can prevent, reduce risk, and help treat chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. These chronic diseases are the top killers of Americans and can all be mitigated by a health y and active lifestyle. So, as we spring into summer make it your goal to live a healthy and active life and make sure all of your goals are specific and sustainable.

Mark Davis B.S.N CPS Nutritionist

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