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Talented entrepreneur has added a new twist to health & wellness communities worldwide

So how many of us want to look great? How many of us know how to achieve that? I mean really, with our super-busy lives who has the time? You mean I have to exercise and eat like a rabbit? Let’s be honest, the way most of our lives are set up we barely remember to eat!

Okay. Now that we’ve gotten those excuses out of the way, let’s talk SOLUTIONS. Right now we are in the first month of 2016 and we have made a resolution to become our best self, right? We’ve got some type of workout routine planned and that’s great, BUT we often tend to only focus on how we look on the outside. Now let’s focus on the inside. Fit In provides a way for us to benefit from home made healthy and filling meals at any time. Check it out:

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Now this is the kind of healthy eating I like! Thanks to Andy Thibo, creator of Fit In Meals by Andy we can now enjoy this good-eating in our neighborhood! She created the company based on her understanding of our culture, telling us

“So many people want to eat healthy but yet don’t have the time to prepare the meals or fix a simple smoothie.”

And that’s how it all started. The company officially started meal prepping in October 2015, and it has seen tremendous success in these few months alone.

Andy is a Houston native with French-Lousiana roots, so her cooking background includes creole pasta, seafood, greek, and soul food. Who says the food has to be boring? Andy says it doesn’t. She uses her knowledge of healthy meal prepping and plain good eating and creates meals that we would easily go to a restaurant and pay for. Now, though, we can enjoy these meals at any time at an affordable price!

Andy Thibo, Owner, Fit In by Andy

“The part I love the most is the interaction with each client that says they don’t want plain food. My response is, I don’t want plain food either. Once I officially explain to the clients the menu, their interest seems to grow. People are amazed of the varies of food choices. Our current clients are excited about the new menus and meal plans that have been mention to them for the upcoming year of 2016. When the clients are excited, I’m excited.”

And we are definitely excited about what Fit In has in store for us in 2016. This company truly operates as its name says. They will fit into any schedule, providing many menu and delivery options. Seriously, you don’t have to cook again!

 “Of course, there was a lot of negativity because people think of eating healthy is eating salads plus drinking water all day.”

Stay tuned for more from Fit In Meals by Andy and FYI Houston.


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