Financial UPGRADE

Going through life with the wrong perception of money has caused 97% of people to live with a poverty mindset. We only have an awareness of things we know because it is what we have been taught by our parents, teachers, and professors. In most cases they don’t have the right information about how money works to give us sound advice, but they can only give us what they have. So now we have adopted habits and negative beliefs about one of our natural human resources. The truth is, only 3% of the population truly understands how money works.

We’re all given three natural human resources: time, money, and energy. Everyone is given 24 hours in a day and the opportunity to decide how we make money in that day and the energy given. Our natural resources work hand and hand, if one is off balance, it will manifest greatly in your finances. I encourage you to pour your time, energy, and money in places that are going to give you residual income which is the amount of money that you have after all debts are paid which is usually calculated on a monthly basis.   It’s time to stop investing money in things that do not appreciate in value. We have to build assets rather than liabilities. When you are able to pay for your liabilities with your assets and still have great residual, then that’s when you know you’re financially free. Start investing in yourself. We spend 40+ hours a week to help build someone else’s dream but refuse to put that same effort into ourselves. Start looking into your financial situation whether you feel you are in great standings or not because we can always do better and learn more. In order to get the things we want we have to learn to appreciate the things that we have now. Even if you are not in the place you wish to be you still must show gratitude, and when you’re genuinely grateful for what you have you will be blessed abundantly in return.

To the middle and lower class families who somehow along the way got lost in the mist of habits and beliefs of others, I have a solution for you. You must be ready to take back the life that others have claimed for you. To begin your financial journey you should first have term life insurance for you and your family.  Life insurance is the foundation of your financial house. You are an asset to your family and in the event that you pass, your family will not have the burden of trying to replace your income or paying for a funeral out of pocket.  Next, you are encouraged to eliminate debt and create an emergency fund. Those two are so important in the financial house because they are the structure. When you have all three of those, you can start putting your money into short term investments and from there your roof will be built with your long term investments. I was never taught this in all my life until I met one person who exposed me to the solution. The way I felt about money truly showed in my finances and now just by taking steps toward my goal I can look back and see how far I’ve come just in a small period of time. I was so fortunate to have been exposed to this information and my mission is to expose everyone to the solution and not just treat the symptoms. What we do financially now will affect our children even after we are gone. What legacy do you want to leave your family and loved ones?

-Rhonda Williams

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