Every Time I Rap it Sounds Like a Ritual

Da Richual is a man of his word with no limits to his non-traditional music style. His energetic, live, and raw talent tells us the truth in his lyrics and what to do with the truth. The Houston rapper desires to give real music instead of samples. Something you can incorporate into your own life and teach to others.

Da Richual
Da Richual

It all began for Da Richual when he was in 6th grade. Hearing other’s people’s music inspired him to write his own lyrics and record himself on a karaoke machine. The rapper learned how to create beats on casio emails. He uses all of his resources to produce and engineer great music. Now that he is 32 years old, he says that being an entertainer has always made him feel alive.

Da Richual’s goal in the entertainment business is to remain independent. He is very confident that he has the skills to become a successful independent artist and still make it to the top. He has the skills to be a great producer, excellent songwriter and artist, and magnificent poet.

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Without music, I would be Suicidal.
Music is Art.
My music makes me feel Free.
I write these songs because  They burn me.
Support music because I support music because I AM A MUSICIAN.

-Tinka Bell Israel

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