DubJay of Mt.Vernon, TX talks with FYI Houston

It’s DubJay!

A few weeks ago, FYI Houston sat down with rapper “DubJay” from Mount Vernon, Texas to talk about his music, where he has come from, and where he sees his music taking him in the future. “DubJay” is a funny person who sincerely wants his fans to enjoy his music. He is also a great storyteller, a great skill for a rapper to have. So, we’ll just let him tell you who he is. Ladies and Gents, I give you “DubJay”!



What’s good FYI Houston? My Name is Joshua Jay Stanley. My Stage Name is “DubJay” and I’m a rapper, born and raised in Mount Vernon, Texas. My journey in the music industry started when I was kid. I remember, when I was 10 years old, my sister and I were sitting in our mom’s car and she turned the radio to a rap station. A song by Z-Ro was playing. After that, all I listened to was Hip Hop. Then I started making funny songs on cassette tapes to get a good laugh from my family and friends, and they told me that I could be famous. So ever since then I took advantage and worked hard to perfect my talent. My city has everything to do with my style. Texans love their hometown. I grew up listening to local music from my town and the style kind of grew on me. Then I twisted my own style into it.

DubJayI’ve always been on the shy side, but once you get to know me you’ll see that I’m a funny guy and I’m always trying to make people laugh. My style is unique because my music is a story of my dreams and my life and that’s why I would describe my music as authentic. People can relate to that. I’m just an average guy. People don’t believe I rap but when I give them a CD they fall in love.

Now, people can expect to see 100% real at my performances and all I can say is expect the unexpected. I take my work seriously and I consider myself to be a professional. I’m a good listener, rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. I use all of these skills to make the kind of music that I know people are going to enjoy and produce a show that people will be talking about days later.

DubJayWhat I enjoy most about what I do is the thrill people get when they hear the new songs I create. I just finished my new mixtape, Unstoppable. It dropped July 4th and I also have an album with my team B.O.E Productions entitled Fatality. What’s special about these projects is that we worked hard and brought out our full talents in each one. As an artist I would define success as when you feel, within your heart, that you have accomplished your goals. Until then, you are unsuccessful and when things go negatively at times, I pray. God always guides us through our problems. Never give up on any dream you have. Just remember you create your path in life. Work hard and stay motivated!

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Get to know DubJay!
Without music, I would be…nothing
Music is…peace
My music makes me feel…intelligent
I write these songs because…It’s what I love to do
Support music because…music supports you!

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