Dot O – Weight

“I am the change. The mindset. The heart, and soul of what an artist should be today,” says Dot O, “My personal energy provides a sense of connection and familiarity to individuals on the life pursuit.”


Dot O was born and raised in Houston ,Texas. He grew up in the Cypress suburbs, Bear Creek area and Barker Cypress area. . He attended Lonestar community college and graduated from UTSA with a degree in Kinesiology, concentrating on Athletic Medicine. He believes school is essential and a very important role in a societies view of being successful, but instead of continuing his education, he is making the most of what life has to offer. He continues to learn about himself, his history, and the potential of all human beings.

“My roots are embedded in the mother land of Nigeria, so im not your average American citizen and through my music you are able to see the views through my eyes.” – Dot O


Twitter: @Wole_Dot_O


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