Director John Goudeau – Boomtown Productions

We caught up with Director John Goudeau, right before shooting the music video for Pyrexx’s new joint, Imma Get There featuring: @trillog, @mynameisbizzle, @willmoorejrlive & @dj_dmd.

John Goudeau is motivated by his fear of being unsuccessful. Taking an ear to hip hop at an early age, Goudeau soon developed an eye for talent, and eventually ended up working with his all-time favorite role model, Mr. Boomtown. When Goudeau is not on the set or editing, he’s “in the green room”!

Over the next five years, Goudeau plans to win one of the premiere music video awards. With thousands of amateur professionals using DSLR cameras, and calling themselves directors these days, Goudeau says he’s come a long way from no to low budgets. Now he has the opportunity to show his clients everyday, why he ask for what he does, and not $500 like most of the others.

Some advice for the next generation of directors, Goudeau says:

“No matter what… follow your dreams! I don’t care if your mom, dad, wife, etc… is telling you “no”, “stop”… keep fighting! If it’s for you, it will come, but only when you are ready. When I first started out, I wasn’t working on the kind of videos I do now. If I did, it would have destroyed me! There’s no elevator to success!”

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