Deus Lee Presents: Straight Bars No Hooks

Today’s music industry is filled with modern day shenanigans that even the 80s babies can’t stand to listen to. It’s as if the radio consistently plays dope nursery rhymes for elementary kids to sing along and dance to. Though there are a good number of people who enjoy where gangster rap and trap music have led us, there are a large number of listeners awaiting real rap to return; simply put, people want lyricism. We’ve heard all the cool beats, auto tune, and sing-song rap we can take. “Where is the content?!”, they exclaim.

Starting his music career with “The Project”, Kent Hadnot, also known as Deus Lee, experienced loads of support from back home family and friends, and in even bigger numbers, his college campus. Before grauduating from the University of Incarnate Word, he dropped his second mixtape, “The Project II: I Just Wanna Rap”. With noticeable progression, relevant content, and precious talent, Deus Lee has continued to improve and impress with his most recent project, “Straight Bars No Hooks”, #SBNH.
Deus Lee karate chops words in a way that provides a breath of fresh air to those who needed to be reminded that real artists, real music, and real lyricism still exist. He creatively composed a mixture of sounds and verses, literally no hooks, to express pain, reality, truths, and even fun times from his collegiate past. He paints verbal images and touches touchy topics willingly, demolishing devils as he delivers from the depths of his soul. It’s the type of music you enjoy listening to over and over to pick up punchlines and puns you didn’t catch before.
Deus Lee created half the beats, and wrote MOST of his music. He specifically included a freestyle with friends, as well as “Flow Style Jank” which in his terms means to freestyle until you fall off, then pick up where you left off. “It was never written, so it’s a flow style”, he joked. To make this short project even more special, he released the tape on Thanksgiving Day, his 24th birthday.
In addition, Deus Lee will be releasing visuals to accompany his bars and it won’t be long before he comes out with his next mixtape! Be on the lookout and get your SOUL FOOD in the meantime. Less than 30 minutes of killer word play, eloquent speech, and head bobbers, you can find “Straight Bars No Hooks” on Soundcloud, iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play.
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