D. Gotti of S.U.C.

 “I think what separates me from other artists is that [people] can relate to the struggles I recite .”

As one of the original members of Houston’s legendary WreckShop, D GOTTI (or you might know him as ‘Sunny Bo-Bo’ from the motion picture The Dirty 3rd 1&2) is a veteran in the game and a master of his craft.

When fellow S.U.C. member  Big Moe opened doors for Houston and helped the city gain recognition in the industry, it lead to more opportunities for D. Gotti in the form of collaborations and new projects. Gotti’s first solo project Street Sermon put him on the map and showcased his writing skills and his unique ability to bring ideas to life on wax. His work made an impact on other upcoming artists in the city and the buzz lead him to release Southside Pentagon and Survival of the Grittiest. Shortly after the release of those albums, the artist took an involuntary break from the music scene. He obviously did not stop writing music in his absence. When he returned he released Live From The Konkrete Jungle, What a job This is hosted by DJ Discipline, Monroe Season,  and is set to release his latest project, 1000% this summer. His first time on the stage performing was at Club Nuevo with H-town legends the late Dj Screw , 3-2,Fat Pat and Mike D. One of his most memorable moments was performing Big Moe’ hit, Purple Stuff  in Little Rock, Arkansas where the crowd knew every word.

“I think what separates me from other artists is that [people] can relate to the struggles I recite. D Gotti is on a  get money mission and  it’s all work no play because this is what he loves to do–record and perform his thoughts. With the street life behind him, the artist is pressing forward to create hood classics that every ghetto from the east to west coast can relate to.

D. Gotti hope to use his unique style of delivery to reach  and  teach through music, keeping it 1000% with every bar he writes. As of now he and Plugged In Entertainment are creating game-changing music with a sound so fresh but still true to its  South Side roots. You can become a fan of his now or later, either way he won’t be denied.

-Mighty G

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