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“The 5 closest people to you speak volumes about who you are”.  Cashawn Sims

It’s never the wrong time to get fit, and be healthy as an overall person, and that is exactly what CSIMS Fitness can do with you, through you, and for you. The spunky, eight pack bearing, totally hot in my opinion Cashawn Sims is one unique cookie. Possessing the passion, love, dedication, and encouragement anyone could need on a daily just to conquer everyday barriers and all through fitness, self-love, and selfless motivation.

This is not just any kind of fitness training, but that workout life that makes you excited to put on your tennis shoes and tights and head to the gym anytime. It’s demonstrated and taught by a Beautiful young woman known by the name of Cashawn Sims. She has been doing fitness since she can remember and also an ex-track athlete, making her capabilities just as suitable in this man driven fitness training profession. Of course everyone needs a good soundtrack at the gym and Cashawn Sims can’t help but love the relaxing R&B sounds of Jhene Aiko, and my girl crush Rihanna and right after jamming the selfie queen will snap a polaroid to capture the results and create everlasting memories she loves to save!!

CSIMS Fitness goals aren’t to just get your body fit but your overall mind, body, and spirit to be a better person inside as well as out with motivation, encouragement, and drive for others to succeed.

Future endeavors to look forward to from CSIMS Fitness would be the launch of a CSIMSFitness workout clothing line showcasing cool, fun, sexy, and edgy workout gear for both men and woman, and everyone wearing that exact workout gear to an established CSIMS Fitness training Gym in the next 5 years, the eye is on the prize for the radiant, kind, goofy, and very passionate Cashawn Sims and CSIMS Fitness.

It’s best to close this article with a quote very well stated by Cashawn Sims:

“You do not have to conform to what society thinks you should be. First learn to love yourself and you will attract people who value and respect you.”

I couldn’t agree more and adore Rihanna!! Check out CSIMS Fitness and Follow, Like, Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to book your training session now!!

MA Relle

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