Creativity at its Best: JJ Productionz

“My favorite part of the business is being able to creatively tell a story from a blank canvas.” -Suzgo P.

JJ Productionz (est. 2011) is a multimedia conglomerate based in Washington D.C. which strives to be the difference in the production company field. They provide a multitude of services which include but are not limited to photography and video, musical, and digital production.The company started out with Suzgo P, Julius, and Shama trying to showcase their varying talents. Shama loves to produce music, Julius loves photography and cinematography, and Suzgo brings it all together with his business prowess.

The team has created a very lucrative business model for themselves, one that Suzgo uses to maintain flexibility and stir creativity within the team.The team takes their work seriously and consider themselves professionals, but they know that their craft is ever-changing and recognize the long road to becoming  a master at the craft. Their portfolio currently consists of weddings, music videos, commercials, head shots, voice-overs, and a host of other services.

So, if you are looking for production services, contact JJ Productionz. Still need a reason? Suzgo P describes it best,  “We take the approach of beauty in simplicity, but at the same time thinking outside the box to create a masterpiece that will essentially last for ever. Creativity at its best.”

-Coyo Alexander

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