Cooley Kimble gives the best performance you will see from an underground artist

Cooley Kimble is Cool, Calm, & Collected

Cooley Kimble
       “My grandfather always told me to remain the three C’s (Cool, Calm, & Collected).” -Cooley Kimble

Cooley Kimble is a man of many talents. He is best known as an entertainment recording artist. The Houston native wrote his first song at 15 years old, and has immersed himself in his craft.  He has created some great music so far, and based on his current catalog we can definitely expect more. We sat down with him for our Fall issue so that we could get to know him better. Keep scrolling to check it out…


Talk to us Brother Cooley

How did your entertainment journey begin?:  I would say my days growing up in the choir and magnet school. It allowed me to grow into the love of sound, that, and listening to Marvin Gaye. I wrote my first song when I was 15. From there I got older and just loved entertaining people period whether it’s  jokes or etc. I got serious with music at the age of 19 and the growth started from there.

Why did you want to become an entertainer: Being able to put smiles and excitement in people. The fact that I could reach someone to make them groove to a tune and message that I created. Also being able to capture the eyes and hearts with my performance. It’s a pure joy.

How do you describe yourself: A man who loves living and growing. A outgoing guy who lives to create and inspire others. 

How do you describe your music: It’s music that inspires growth and diverse.

COOLEY KIMBLEWhat do you enjoy most about what you do: Being able to inspire others

What makes you unique: my diversity

What influence has your city had on your style: If anything the southern hospitality

What can people expect to see at your live performance: Lots of good energy and probably one of the best performances you’ll see from an underground artist. #Facts

Who are your musical influences:  Andre 3000 , Kid Cudi, Marvin Gaye, Kanye West , James Brown , Biggie Smallz, Foreign Exchange, Little Brother, Sam Cooke, Pharrell

What is some advice you can give the next generation: To always stay humble no matter if you’re up or down. Remain positive and give all glory to God allow him to lead your every goal and path.

What has kept you motivated: Honestly my children they love my music and their honest when something isn’t good. I would also have to say my wife as well, my whole team pushes me to go above average.

How do you visualize your effect on generations: To inspire them to be themselves and understand it’s coo to be different. I see it encouraging peace and positive living.

img_0735So far, Brother Cooley has a hit on his hands with the powerful single Higher, which happens to be a FYI Houston personal favorite. The track is upbeat and uplifting. When we first heard this track, we knew that it was on another level. Higher is a true classic that can be played on any occasion. We put this track up there with the Maze & Frankie Beverly’s Before I Let You Go. Yes, it’s that good. Now Cooley is working on a new album entitled Today We Live. We are definitely anticipating the release of that project. Stay tuned with FYI Houston for the release date.

 Success is a journey not a destination, and on the journey we must follow the path of righteous living.” -Cooley Kimble

Cooley Kimble

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