Chayla Williams, Houston TX

Chayla Williams

When it comes to entertaining, Chayla Williams is a master of the art. Professionally trained in both song and dance, Chayla possesses the perfect combination of talent. The Houston, Texas native realized pleasant success as a former NBA dancer and now hopes to realize a long awaited dream of becoming a Pop Star. The artist is passionate about her endeavour,  saying Its all Ive ever felt completely satisfied in doing. She credits Mariah Carey with being her biggest vocal influence,  and  the late Michael Jackson as the biggest influence on her performance.  Chaylas philosophy is to make fun of life, and wants to carry that principle into her music.

Chayla has big dreams for her entertainment career and knows exactly how to make them come true. With her dancing background and interior designing skills, she hopes to bring life to her performances.  

She feels that her dancing prowess allows her to fully express herself in her music, and she hopes to use her design skills when creating backdrops and lighting for performances. The artist wants to reach all audiences as a Pop recording artist with hopes of uniting listeners from diverse backgrounds. She recalls her high school days seeing Caucasians listening to R&B and rap, and African Americans listening to alternative music. She truly believes that music unites us all.

The art of a show is what I want to bring back. I want to be the artist whos performing at a major award show that people cant wait to see! The one who youre rushing to see because you know youre in for an awesome show. 

Chayla refers to artists like Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Britney Spears as similar to her performance style. Some of her favorite current entertainers includeDemi Lovato, Katy Perry, Usher, Drake, Nikki Minaj, and Miguel. She is currently working on several mid-tempo and up-tempo dance tracks, and is enjoying success with her pop/dance tracks Dance All Night with You and BeatMonstercurrently being played in clubs and on the radio. The aspiring Pop superstar hopes to eventually travel the world bringing her music to the masses. She has found the internet to be a powerful tool in helping her spread her sound worldwide. She plans to continue recording and perform live in order to gain exposure, and is also working on a website to keep fans posted on events.

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